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We believe that fundraising can and needs to be done better; that fundraising should be sustainable.

We believe that this will be achieved only through a deeper understanding of our donors, and then using this knowledge to build genuine and sustainable relationships with them.

We also know that NFPs can’t do this alone. No-one knows everything about every donor.

In pursuit of this belief we’ve built – with the help of almost 100 members – the country’s largest and richest data collaborative. Plus, we’ve added best-practice data science and Collaborative Insights Technology, as well as focused commercial thinking.

Simply put – it means that we’re able to partner with any NFP to help them understand, grow, acquireactivate, and improvedonors-that-stick“.

Our valued Partners

Our Collaborative Insights Technology

The power of LemonTree Fundraising is in the collaborative information, which gives you donor insights that you wouldn’t see from your own data alone. 

We collect and analyse the collaborative information from across all LemonTree Fundraising’s members; allowing you to increase your understanding of your own donor behaviour; and essentially  leverage this knowledge to connect more meaningfully with donors.

The difference with LemonTree Fundraising is our donor care and protection policies; the donor experience and their privacy is at the core of sustainable giving.


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