“The LemonTree Donor Centricity Collective – a collaboration of passionate fundraisers that share and learn from each other in the knowledge that greater sustainable impact on our communities best comes through the minds of many.”


The LemonTree DCC began 5 years ago, and since then has brought together over 800 passionate donor-centric practitioners in Sydney (extending to the wider fundraising community interstate, of around 1500 members).


We’re proud to be the central point for Fundraising Managers to gather either in person or virtually, to discuss the good, the bad (and the ugly), when it comes to being donor-centric in the rhelm of Fundraising. 

The Future

The DCC is about a time for change – out with the old and in with the new. We see there are vast learnings from the progressive commercial world for NFPs to tap into. Collaborative data is but one & we all have a story.

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Member only access to community luncheons & webinars

Public speaking opportunities as a fundraising guest speaker

Access to FREE resource’s and collective group findings + closed LinkedIn group

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