Greenpeace leverages the power of LemonTree Fundraising’s collaborative insights

Greenpeace leverages the power of LemonTree Fundraising’s collaborative insights

For the last 10 years, Greenpeace has had a strong focus on regular giving (RG) programs to help build a stable – and sustainable – funding channel for its environmental advocacy programs.

While these programs are successful at acquiring new donors, Greenpeace found that retaining these donors was causing a large financial drain, with over 25% active RG donors leaking out of their bucket every year.

Stephen Kendon, TeleFundraising from Greenpeace said:

“In the past, we have re-engaged and called our lapsed donors with limited success. It was a costly and time consuming task and results didn’t reflect the effort that had gone into the program.”

Greenpeace engaged LemonTree Fundraising to help them understand the behaviours of their donors through a much broader lens with the hope of reactivating more of their deeply lapsed donors.

By looking at the same donor behaviour across other causes, we were able to identify which of the lapsed Greenpeace donors were most likely to reactivate.

LemonTree Fundraising ran a range of collaborative insights models against the base to identify and target the highest 8% scored donors for inclusion in Greenpeace’s phone reactivation campaign. A random control selection was also included.

Key results from the top 8% were:

  • Successful contact rates benchmarking between 30.2% and 34.2% across the 5 segmented groups
  • Top segment conversion rate out-performed control by 314% (6.9% vs 2.2%)
  • Other segments with lower conversion rates will be refined in future to improve from a 3.8% performance
  • 1 year ROI ranged from 0.89 to 0.68 on the successful segments

In addition, we optimised Greenpeace’s warm cash tax mailing appeals with LemonTree Fundraising propensity scored overlays to grow lifetime value of a targeted subset of donors.

As a result, Greenpeace will now leverage the power of LemonTree Fundraising’s collaborative insights to target a broader range of donors and channels through a framework of continuous testing and learning programs.